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“A young Christian Online Network Marketing Entrepreneur who believes that all individuals deserve to be happy, fulfilled and wealthy.”

I’m Jomer Gregorio 25 years old from the Philippines. I started my entrepreneurial career in May 2007 as an independent distributor of a Malaysian based MLM or Network Marketing company. From that point forward my entrepreneurial journey has started.

Although I fail to succeed in that kind of business, deep inside me I still believe  that I will be successful someday. Then on July 2008 I started to use the Internet to search for additional info that could lead me to the success that I really want.

Then, I discovered Internet Marketing and Website Development. I was very excited that time and I said to myself that I will study this “New Business Vehicle”¬† seriously.

Then, after months of studying I successfully created my very first fully functional website. Its not “professional” looking website but I am satisfied with I have done on that time.

I decided to take this new business venture to the next level, so I decided to “LOOK FOR A JOB” and use my salary to fund my business. In 5 months time I was able to buy the “TOOLS” that I need and learn a lot.

And to make the long story short, I am now working from home full-time.My bread and butter income on this business comes form private clients that is satisfied with my Internet Marketing services.