If you are in need of Search Engine Marketing expert or consultant from Philippines, then you come to the right site!

Let me help you create or manage your SEM campaign for maximum website exposure!

As a Search Engine Marketing consultant/expert from Philippines. I can help you get started in creating your SEM campaign or manage your existing campaign for you.

3 Phases of SEM that I am knowledgeable:

Phase 1: Search Engine Optimization – as an SEO Expert from Philippines I can help you in creating, managing and improving your SEO campaigns. From keyword research, inbound link building, on-page optimization and more.

Phase 2: Direct Advertising – I can help you run a direct advertising campaign in the most popular PPC channels like Google Adwords, and Bing adCenter. From spying competitors in spyfu, identify and segregate the most profitable keywords, creating ad messages, optimized CPC and more

Phase 3: Analytics – It’s the stage in which we will be using an analytics program whether hosted or 3rd party to provide a metric or measurement in our SEO and Direct Advertising efforts. I can and able to install and use Google Analytics, I am also able to use hosted program like Piwik.

If you are now in need of my SEM expertise, then contact me now.